Regina Maria Boulevard no. 35, Sector 4, Code 040122, Bucharest

About us

Our law firm, led by PHD lawyer Abraham Pavel, is one of the Romanian law firms that has had an important impact on the target market, which, over the years, has provided its clients with high-quality legal services in consulting. This is being achieved by attracting the best collaborating lawyers and partners, by proposing optimal solutions to prevent any future customer disputes and by offering legal assistance in negotiating and finalizing the acts signed by our clients, while at the same time representing them in court.

We have succeeded in perfecting the art of strategic legal thinking and professionally treating all cases, regardless of the branches of law which they belong to: criminal, civil, commercial, family or labor, in an efficient, pragmatic way and taking into account the deontology of our profession, so that commercial companies may benefit from our commercial and economic counseling to prevent litigation and representation before the highest professional courts.

The law firm, under the leadership of PHD lawyer Abraham Pavel, seeks to ensure - through the professionalism and excellence of its lawyers - the success of its clients in the existing litigations and prevent any future ones from coming.

In order to achieve its objectives, the law firm collaborates with 6 permanent lawyers, whose expertise covers the main branches of law, as well as evaluating experts, technical experts and accountants.

Because we appreciate the quality, professionalism and the pursuit of the profession of attorney at the highest standards, we seek everyday tactics of self-sufficiency, so that what we are today is more than we were yesterday.

Our law firm has since the beginning an ORNISS certificate, which facilitates the access of cases that incorporate classified documents, known as state secrets.


Vital impendere vero.

Dedicate your life to the truth. – Juvenal, Roman satiric poet.


Festinatio justitiae est noverca infortunii.

The hurrying of justice is the stepmother of misfortune.

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